Peli Secure Case - Field Work Equipment

Peli Secure Case

We provide customisation solutions for the Peliā„¢ range of cases to add additional security and anti-tampering features. These include strengthening the hinges and placing sealing wire options on the outside of the case.

Biometric Identification - Fingerprint Scanner

With an in-built battery pack and circuitry, we turn our own cases as well as those from Rimowa into a fingerprint enabled case for additional security. An external USB input is provided in the event that the internal battery needs to be recharged. The whole solution is housed inside an elegant aluminium cover that stops excessive wear and tear.

Security Hinges

The hinges in most cases represent the weakest point of case security. It is the likely entry point for break-ins and easiest to cover-up. We provide modification services that include the utilisation of strengthening of hinges or placing hinges inside the case rather than on the outside.

Tamper Indicating Sealing Solution

Using sealing wire, seals (paper, plastic or metal) and specialised security bolts we provide a customised solution for any case by sealing the upper and lower part of the case together. Any unauthorised attempt at opening the case would break the seal and thereby indicate possible theft or tampering of the case contents.

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